Last additional footage of Rumbling was filmed, which means the film is now officially in post-production.

RUMBLING \ 04.03.2014

The first day of filming of the feature film by Adolf Zika called Rumbling with Tomáš Hajíček(Krucipüsk) and Vica Kerekes in lead roles. Filming will run until July 2014. The premiere of the film is scheduled for January 2015!

STOCK 2014 CALENDAR \ 12.11.2013

Unveiling and auction of the Stock 2014 Calendar,  put together from photos of finalists of a nationwide audition, photographed by Adolf Zika, including Ana Geislerová, patron of the project, who was on the cover page.

MAGNUM CAMPAIGN \ 20.06.2013

A photo shoot for Unilever and their ad campaign for the Magnum Brand with photographer Adolf Zika.

EKI's MUSIC VIDEO \ 03.04.2013

The production of Say goodbye music video from Eki, a rising talent, was managed by Stanislava Ziková and directed by Adolf Zika.

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