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Association ZIPO film was established at the very end of the last century as a company that was supposed to accomplish a semi-finished film from a freelance production, the rights to which we purchased. If I'd known the chain reaction of events that ZIPO film has invoked, I would probably have chosen a more comfortable way of life as simply a kooky photographer. But I have no regrets today. On the contrary, I am proud of what we and a bunch of devotees have accomplished, and how much all of our efforts and energy has produced.

Gradually, all of our activities were transferred to a newly established company ZIPO FILM production. The reason was simple. My wife Stanislava Ziková, Head of Production and Executive Producer for all of my movies, became a co-owner. Together, we have embarked on a new journey with a new company towards new projects, but with the original company spirit, experience and and principles of former ZIPO film.

Today's ZIPO film is no longer only my concern. It involves artists from many fields and has exceeded all my expectations. It's living its own life as a union of the word "FILM" lovers in all it's meanings, as a symbolism of a visuall expression of one's self and use in the today's period of numbers and codes and digital effects. signatureWe like to play, we like to invent, we like to do what we enjoy and finally the phrase "association" has assumed for us a deeper meaning.


ZLATÁ PECKA AWARD \ 15.02.2012

In February 2012, Adolf Zika as the author and director received the METRO Zlatá Pecka 2011 award for the TV spot 'Anthem', created for the Mountfield...

WEEK OF LIFE \ 01.09.2009

ZIPO film participated in the launch of the European section of the unique documentary project Week of Life. Adolf Zika is the creator of the original idea...


The book One Year Of My Life in 3285 pictures by Adolf Zika in cooperation with Leica is a worldwide unique photography project, which illustrates...


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